8 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

1) Choose a unique name

If you are marketing yourself, ideally you’ll be able to use your first and last names (eg, kisstore.com). Even if you aren’t marketing yourself, it’s not a bad idea to register your name as a domain now, in case you want to use it in the future. If you are marketing your business, you should see if your business name (yourbusiness.com) is available.

Using a search engine like Google, search for your proposed blog or website name. Does your search show any sites with similar domain names? If it does, try a different name. Giving your website a name that’s similar to other existing sites is the first step to failure. Also, don’t choose names that are plural or misspelled versions of existing sites.

2) Make it easy to type

If you have to spell out your domain name more than once for it to be understood, then it won’t work. Keep the name simple to remember and easy to enter in an address bar or search field.

Why is simplicity important? Because you don’t want your future visitors to incorrectly type in your name and be directed to a different site. If you’re determined to have that oddly spelled name, make sure common misspellings are also available so you can register them and redirect visitors to the main domain.

3) Choose “.com” first

Up to 75% of websites are “.com” domains. It is still the preferred extension and the easiest to remember. If your number one name choice isn’t available, then try your second choice. Remember that some browsers accept address-only entries in their address bar. If you type just the domain name they will return, by default, to the “.com” site

4) Make it brandable

Your domain name will be your brand. Some names speak for themselves. When you hear the name, you know what the website is about. Domain name is basically a first impression to the user of your website or brand. So, by choosing a right domain name can increase your business.

5) Shorter is always better

As we’ve been saying, shorter is better. If you can’t get your domain name down to one memorable word, then consider adding one or maximum two more words. Combinations of two words work great for the memorable names. Also, don’t use an acronym. People will never remember the letters unless it’s a highly catchy name.

6) No number or hyphens

Numbers and hyphens cause confusion. Stay away from them at all costs. Even something as clever as the number1website.com will cause confusion. Make the name speak for itself.


7) Beware of trends

Anything that deals with something trendy will, like the trend, fade away. Stick with a classic name that will span the generations and not be tied down to a trend or fad. Deciding whether something is a trend or here to stay, is a matter of personal judgment, but it’s usually not too hard to tell.


8) Check social networks

Before you register your desired domain name, it’s always a good idea to check social networks for the same name. To keep your site name constant and to build your brand, you want a name that is readily available. For example: check facebook.com/yourdomain, twitter.com/yourdomain – and secure them as well.

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