Easy to use drag & drop tool

Website Builder is a web-based program that can be used to create your website. It is very easy to use and does not require knowledge of coding. Just drag and drop components onto your page at the desired location.

Website Builder’s standard version comes with all web hosting subscriptions. It gives access to all elements, most functions, and enables up to five pages of the publication. You can upgrade to Website Builder Premium if you wish to publish more pages.


About 100 beautiful templates to choose from

You can choose between plenty of beautifully designed templates to help you get started with your site. Browse through the template page and pick the style that most appeals to you.

Go to Kisstore template

All the functions you need to build a professional website


  • Fully customizable templates – Choose from a range of skilled templates to start building your site, all templates can be completely personalized.
  • Mobile edition – Adjust the web layout to customize it for mobile devices to exclude photos, for example. You will preview your site in both the mobile and desktop versions.
  • Responsive templates – Responsive templates that conform to your user’s screen size, so it’s always presented in the best way possible.
  • Page Templates – Page templates that are pre-designed to conform to your style and prototype. Pick menu restaurant, contact page, gallery and more.
  • Slide show and gallery – Use a slide show to add movement to your site, or match your photos perfectly with the gallery portion in a grid, and draw more attention to your site.
  • Style management – Make sure the site looks uniform. Set the website’s overall style, including headers, links, buttons, menus, and text.
  • Contact form creator – Create forms with text fields, drop-down menus or checkboxes on your website. The text and buttons can be changed for style.
  • Add custom code – Use the code feature to add custom apps, such as Google Analytics and other third-party applications, into your website.